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This phenomenon has also engulfed the real estate industry and entire house hunting process. Gone are the days when searching for a house was only restricted to physical checks, advice of brokers and builders. In this new era, final decision of buyer is also largely influenced by online media for fast and reliable information such as feedback from other users, governmental approvals and condition of surrounding locality.

The real estate industry players have not missed on this changing trend and in fact majority of players already have presence online and reaching out to the consumers.

“Real estate firms throughout India spend about Rs 2,500 crore annually on publicity across different media and digital marketing accounts for about 25 per cent with a share of about Rs 625 crore, -
Source: http://www.assocham.org/prels/shownews-archive.php?id=4098

The question is no longer on usage of digital but rather on how to best use combinations of social and digital media to derive better results and how to effectively cut noise and keep user engaged when reaching to consumer and increase ROI.

Like two side of every coin, real estate market has humungous opportunity through digital medium but is equally bounded by challenges. On the back of this increasingly growing and confusing trend, Economic Times invites marketing gurus, digital marketers and developers share their thoughts on how digital will be game changing revolution in the real estate industry.
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